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iPod robbery decoy

Hand over a fake iPod Shuffle in stead of the real one
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I have nothing to fear, but I've seen several newspaper articles about people being robbed from their high class expensive iPods. Just put a dummy-Shuffle in your pocket and hand that over in stead of the 60Gb iPod video you've just picked up from the Apple store. A fake Shuffle is just as small and light as a real one.
Ehrm, Oct 29 2005


       panic pod.
po, Oct 29 2005

       Better still, it should have a tracking device, and something that squirts permanent skin dye when someone tries to turn it on.
DrCurry, Oct 29 2005

       This is of course a variation on the fake wallet, the indispensible urban accesory for nocturnal city dwellers.   

       This idea could be easily expanded, just to be sure: make a decoy of your every possesion. a decoy house (to deflect arson) a decoy spouse (guaranteed to ward off any danger of adultery) decoy kids, decoy bank account etc... Nothing can touch you now!
Ehrm, Oct 29 2005

       Millions disagree with you, it would seem, but that is often the case with highly successful products. I guess the price is right or something.   

       [For the record, I seem to have surviving quite happily without one, but my wife and son really enjoy using theirs.]
DrCurry, Oct 30 2005

       I'd quite like a pPod.
po, Oct 30 2005

       jscottpete: well, I hope you've got some venture capital. Call me if you want some help.
DrCurry, Oct 30 2005

       The best way to personalize ipods and prevent people from stealing them will be to make them fit into your mouth like a retainer. This way no one will want to steal the ipod because it will have spit all over it. And it will be easy to control in busy situation because you wont have to use your hands. The ipod could be imbedded into a malliable gum-like retainer that is soft at 170 degrees and hard at 96 degrees.
JesusHChrist, Oct 30 2005

       Or you could just not be an idiot and walk around in the nastier parts of town flashing your several hundred dollar toy...
scott_r_uber, Oct 30 2005

       Don't people already do that? Oh, so it's just me?
hidden truths, Oct 30 2005

       All the robberies I heard about, the persons were brutally beaten, then their iPods were taken from them while they were insensate. In which case a decoy will do you all of no good.   

       The rest of the time, however...
HalfBaker, Oct 03 2007


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