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Decoy scam commercials

Call 1-800-MIRACLE and have your credit card ready!
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Decoy "scam" commercials that allude to miracle weight loss, face-lift-in-a-bottle, manhood or breast enhancement etc that gives an 800 number and promises to tell about some too-good-to-be-true miracle product. When the gullible sap calls with credit card in hand they hear: "Thank you for calling regarding our infomercial, 'The Secret to Miracle Overnight Hair Growth.' This is your lucky day, because you're going to learn the secret for absolutely free so put your credit card away! The secret is, anytime you see a commercial promising something miraculous like this, IT'S BULLSHIT! Billions of dollars a year are spent on this kind of crap and it's all a scam. Now take the money you saved and take your girlfriend out for a nice dinner."
doctorremulac3, May 12 2005


       <hangs up - dials 1-800-GETGIRL>
Shz, May 12 2005

       Geez, Doc, you walk a thin line there. Some law abiding scam artists are liable to come along and sue you over revealing trade secrets.
Soterios, May 12 2005

       Sounding a little upset there [doctorremulac3]. Did someone try and scam you?
hidden truths, May 12 2005

       This combination hair growth/breast enhancement cream sucks.
doctorremulac3, May 12 2005

       hairy breasts?
goatfaceKilla, May 13 2005

       Nope, enlarged follicles.   

       Now you`re talkin`.
goatfaceKilla, May 13 2005

       And in other news, the sky is blue. No idea, rant/advice.
And if you call within the next thirty seconds, you can get your Bungco pastry for the low-low-low price of only twelve eeee-zeeee payments of $39.95/month! (poster does not actually offer pastry. This offer valid only within the United states. This offer not valid in Alaska, Hawaii, or any other states whose names contain vowels. Overuse of pastry products may lead to obesity. Do not take with alcohol, as this may lead to drowsiness and hangover. Bungco incorporated and any of its affiliates and subsidiaries assume no responsibility for any side effects that occur from using pastry products.)
Freefall, May 13 2005

       I would call this a humanitarian idea. Just trying to make the public aware of how easy it is for a company like this to be a scam. You would need to find someone willing to do this though.

If the number actually charged money to tell the person on the line this statement it would create revenue and cause outrage to the user.
hidden truths, May 15 2005

       Not sure one can be arrested for being in arrears on a legitimate credit card.
bristolz, May 16 2005


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