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Deep Art

Underwater laser sculpture
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Light holograms are commonly created in glass and lucite using lasers(the easy way), or light and artistic genius by such as Frederick Hart.

Using underwater lasers, create underwater holographic sculptures

Installations can very from lake or ocean size masterpieces to the acquarium novelty gift

theircompetitor, Dec 05 2005

Holography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holography
General Description [csea, Jun 08 2007]


       LOOK FREE SQUID ---------> <bait+hook>
Custardguts, Jun 08 2007

       can you explain the theory behind this a little, I don't quite understand how it will create a hologram and not just a bunch of laser beams underwater. I like the idea if you can explain.
bleh, Jun 08 2007

       I once went to a Fish concert, and there were many lasers.
CaptainClapper, Jun 08 2007

       Holography relies on capturing and storing phase information between a reference beam and an image.   

       Where is the storage mechanism in your system? Glass and lucite work well, as they are (essentially) solid. I don't think fresh or salt water will do the job. -
csea, Jun 08 2007

       Didn't the Irish do something like this in the Liffey in Dublin, with a digital clock, nicknamed "The Time in the Slime"?
coprocephalous, Jun 08 2007

       They did this in Loch Ness. It worked!   

       Seriously, though, won't the movement of the water distort the image?
django, Jun 08 2007

       a nice thing to go with a multimillionaires pool
beanangel, Jun 30 2008

       you'd have to make the holographs underwater too unless you want to put up with a hefty blue-shift.
FlyingToaster, Jun 30 2008


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