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Ned Kelly Lighthouse

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For those who know who Ned Kelly was, the basic idea should be self-evident. For those who don't: Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger (outlaw) in the 19th century who was famous for building an iron suit of armour and wearing it to a gunfight with the police. (In fact his whole gang wore similar armour) The police eventually brought him down by shooting out his legs. [/history lesson]

Now, my idea is a giant statue of Ned Kelly on a coastal cliff somewhere, looking out to sea. At night a rotating light will shine forth from the eye-slit in his helmet to serve as a lighthouse. I imagine the effect would look somewhat like a cylon's eye, except it wouldn't be red. You may ask why? Because it would look cool,that's why!

simonj, Nov 19 2007

Kelly Helmet http://nationaltrea...tem/nla.int-ex13-s2
[simonj, Nov 19 2007]


       be sure and add the leg wounds. as a lesson for all the children.   

       oh, thanks for the link, that cleared up some confusion.
dentworth, Nov 19 2007

       Wasn't there also a large wooden kangaroo in the story?
4whom, Nov 19 2007


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