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Defensive driving course on plane

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In my state, you can take a defensive driving course, which guarantees a 10% discount on your car insurance for 3 years. The most difficult part of this is how long and boring it is (legally required to take 6 hours).

I recently discovered that you can actually take them online now, so I've been doing that. In order to do it online, you need to do voice verification over the phone to prove that it's actually you taking the test, and many people have problems with the verification not working. Also it's still boring and long.

I'm going on a 6 hour flight soon, and thought about doing part of the course during that time, but realized I can't, because of voice verification and requirement to be online the whole time.

However, I realized that this would be a good business opportunity if someone can set it up. Flying is the perfect time to take a defensive driving course.

1. You're on a plane with not much to do for many hours 2. Watching videos and clicking on tests is something you can do in a plane seat 3. Your identity is already thoroughly verified for the plane ticket, so the identity verification can be less of a hassle.

omegatron, May 20 2018


       [+] Criterions on a plane.
wjt, May 21 2018

       Opens laptop, double-clicks on course. Quickly looks at video screen on back of seat. 6 hours later and I'm caught up on The Big Bang Theory.   

       this is a great idea. Probably merits a more generic "classes on airplanes" treatment
theircompetitor, May 21 2018

       //generic "classes on airplanes"//   

       Economy classes, business classes....
AusCan531, May 21 2018

       Hello, [What & Why], and welcome to the half-bakery.
pertinax, May 22 2018

       Can the pilots take refresher training courses on landing while having the autopilot on? I see an opportunity for a very low cost airline...   

       Just like the teacher only needs to know the material one day ahead of the students...
RayfordSteele, May 22 2018


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