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Dyson Foot Blade

clears snow off shoes and boots prior to driving away
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Dyson Foot Blade instantly clears your feet of snow and slush as you depress the clutch pedal on entering your car. (in the colonies, where they can only cope with two feet controls, it's fitted to the large brake pedal)
xenzag, Dec 24 2010


       In the former colonies here I think it would be preferable to have it mounted to the frame of your car so it would blow off snow before you stepped in and prevent a big puddle in your car.
metarinka, Dec 24 2010

       Hey! we clutch and stick-shift here in the colonies...wait, that didn't come out right.   

       Our darkest suspicions are now confirmed.   

       Thanks, [2fries], but just note that you came perilously close to "too much information".
8th of 7, Dec 24 2010


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