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Degradable BBs

Get them pesky rats!!
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Usally always when you store hay for bovines, mice and rats try and live in it, and they are succesful because you can't be gaurding your hay all the time. Once in a while you can sneak up on them when their out of the hay, but then they run back in. You could take your 12 gauge and get a couple, but then you have all these BBs in the hay that is going to be feed to your cattle, and in cattle ingest too much metal that can be BAD NEWS!!

My idea is a shot gun shell with BBs that ,when shot out of the shell, will biograd over a time. The BBs are probally not going to be brass or any metal either, but the air-tight shell might contain some type of gas that would slow the process of degradtion.

dickity, Jun 02 2003

Pre-season your rat meat. http://www.seasonshot.com/Home.cfm
Shotgun cartridges loaded with herbs and spices. [angel, Feb 12 2007]


       wish I knew what the heck you are on about.
po, Jun 02 2003

       Rock salt.   

       There actually is an idea lurking here. Why not make the pellets out of compressed cattle feed?
saker, Jun 02 2003

       With regards to the rodent population...
"Make hay, not war"
silverstormer, Jun 02 2003

       Not a bad idea at all.
phoenix, Jun 02 2003

       (b)iodegradable (b)ullets?
po, Jun 02 2003

       With regards to the rodent population...
"Make hay, not war"
silverstormer, Jun 02 2003

       Once upon a time I would collect old BBs with a magnet. Cows are fed magnets to collect the metal they eat (accidentally, I guess). They sholuld catch the BBs too.
bungston, Feb 12 2007


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