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Dust Recycling

The forgotton substance of mother earth
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Collect dust (electrostatically) and recycle it. In what? In paper, clothing or anything that is possible.
Pleez, Feb 24 2002


       "For what?" comes to mind long before "in what?" does.
bristolz, Feb 24 2002

       yes...ideas, Pleez? For what purpose(s) were you thinking? I'm curious too.
fourosix, Feb 25 2002

       Do you mean to compress it into boards like sawdust is made into MDF?
calum, Feb 25 2002

       The one about shedding material... plates, carpet, walls, etc, maybe this is a natural extension.
fourosix, Feb 25 2002

       Cobwebs can be used to help the blood-clotting process. So long as you don't mind hundreds of tiny spiders crawling into your veins and nesting there.
calum, Feb 25 2002

       Collect dead skin, and extract the protein to make a delicious and nutritious foodstuff.
pottedstu, Feb 25 2002

       Wee little critters are doing it already, 'stu, what you end up with is their excreta and generations of dead bodies. Yuck.
neelandan, Feb 25 2002

       You're welcome to come to my house and collect as much dust as you like, [Pleez].
snarfyguy, Feb 26 2002

       Mephista: I have had the same thought. Dryer lint could be made into paper or felt, maybe, except it usually has other stuff in it (bits of paper, strands of hair, small pebbles)... What you'd need is some way to refine the lint, separate it out into its component substances.
wiml, Feb 26 2002

       The problem is getting the maximum out of the dust- dust sitting in your house won't get the same energy change/complexity as dust sitting in a forest. If a true energy profit is wanted then the maximum enviroment has to be thought of.
wjt, May 14 2003

       My exwife had a nice dust collection all over the house. I think she thought it decoration to go with the burned dinner at night and unironed shirts left in the dryer as she sat on the sofa waiting for her favorite soap dramas on TV to finish, or possibly her boyfriend to call her out while I was hard at work. No wonder I had plenty of time to get into more trouble.
el dueno, Apr 06 2008


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