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A Hallowe'en Thought
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Democracy has it's flaws but it's the de rigeur political system these days due to the freedom and equality it promises. In reality the power is in the hands of the rich select and the unintelligent (and easily manipulated) masses. This is working OK but there is room for improvement. I propose that, on this eve of hallows we outsource all of our world governments to Hell. Each country would be run by a high ranking demon, each of which would in turn have to report back to the great defiler himself. This would grant the following benefits:

Free spikes for all. No more religious conflict. Standardised world tax rate at one soul per person per life. A ghoul on every corner and two firepits in every drive. Fear induced work ethic. Convenient "disposal" of dissidents and the unemployed. People can be openly evil without fear of prejudice.

And best of all, Starbucks can stop pretending to be a coffee retailer.

harderthanjesus, Oct 31 2004

(?) spruce up your web experience... http://hell.com/JUMP/x.html
The first time I typed in 'satan' it brought up the microsoft home page. Odd... [RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2004]

(?) What would it be like? http://www.realultimatepower.com/
If you sold your soul for real ultimate power, and it turned out that you just got to down load a load of tosh - and had to pay for it - well, I'd want my soul back (NOT a credit note!) Anyway who needs thongs - I thought they were just for closing duffle coats with. [yellowcyclist, Oct 31 2004]


       Free sulphur for ghastly farts?
yellowcyclist, Oct 31 2004

       yc, I think its toggles not thongs for duffle coats
po, Oct 31 2004

       I draw your attention to Paradise Lost, along with Dore's wonderful illustrations. Pandemonium is the parliament of the demons.
DrCurry, Oct 31 2004

       //Fear induced work ethic//   

       I think there are many countries doing this already. Still, [+] for the laugh.
Pericles, Nov 01 2004

       Finally, I might get government funding for my project to destroy the sun. Oops - I mean: Destroy the SUN! Mwuahahahaaa!   

       (I can never fit that on the forms.)
Detly, Nov 01 2004

       The Obamanation is in power. All hail the Obamanation.
Bad Jim, Nov 10 2008


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