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dedicated department for voting reforms

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Since its seems difficult to get voting reforms in, and it is often half baked.

Maybe there should be a dedicated government ministry for consulting with professors and academic experts in optimising and increasing the fairness of election.

A dedicated department will be better able to propose new laws and reforms that would often be stymied by political infighting

mofosyne, Nov 05 2015


       Election reform is a fanciful notion. As any elected government will maintain the process by which it got elected, I don't see how this changes.
tatterdemalion, Nov 06 2015

       The only chance would be for the people to vote the old system out. I suggest that if there were an election where (in the US, this is) the two major parties can't muster a majority between them, that would indicate that the people are sick of the whole deal and want change. See voteotherproject.wordpress.com for more.
smendler, Nov 06 2015

       In Canada, newly elected Prime Minister Trudeau is effectively doing exactly this, though only temporarily—he's committed to implementing their recommended reforms by a specific date, after which they'll disband.
notexactly, Nov 09 2015


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