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Dental Glasses

Keeps mist from spraying on your face when you're at the dentist
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This is a disposable gadget that covers the patient's face, so water, mist, and blood don't spray into the patient's face when the dentist is using the high-pressure water-pick to clean between the patient's teeth.

It consists of a cheap plastic eyeglass frame with plastic-wrap in place of lenses (aka Saran wrap; the stuff you cover bowls with when you put them in the refrigerator). Tissue paper hangs from the frame and covers the patient's nose and cheeks.

These glasses are disposable and should probably cost about 25¢ apiece when bought in bulk. They would make dental cleanings just that much more pleasant.

Thank you.

phundug, Jul 24 2005


       The last two dentists I've used had cheap sunglasses handy to keep stuff out of my eyes, including stray photons from the dental light. No face drape though.
half, Jul 24 2005

       I like the sunglass idea. Maybe red cellophane would be good; the occasional blood drop (for very unhealthy patients) would be undetectable then.
phundug, Jul 25 2005

       My workplace requires me to wear, among other things, safety glasses all day. At first it felt weird, but now I feel naked without them. Kind of like wearing a seatbelt, I guess. Anyway, given the hazards you describe, I will definitely be wearing safety glasses when I next visit the dentist. That won't be for a while though, because my workplace has no dental plan. I'll pick up some paper towels when I'm there.
Texticle, Jul 25 2005

       At my dentist they use a cotton towel with a hole in it. This completely covers my face and neck. I almost fall asleep - NOT!
Ling, Jul 25 2005


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