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Departure Angle Caster

Wheel to prevent bumper scrapes
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People who use a drop trailer hitch have probably encountered this problem. If you go over a steep grade or hit a bump the wrong way the trailer hitch scrapes the asphalt.

This wheel would pivot in any direction, and is attached the same way a trailer hitch attaches. Slide it in, and the 6" load-bearing wheel protects the hitch from scraping on the ground. Going off-road, the wheel would prevent you from getting stuck backing down a hill since there's no hitch to dig into the ground. Your truck would simply roll on the little wheel until the tires hit the ground again. An added plus would be avoiding that awful and embarassing scraping sound if your truck is loaded down and you hit a dip in the road.

destructionism, Aug 02 2004


       This idea will no doubt be lost at (halfbakery) sea.
destructionism, Aug 03 2004

       Coming up for air...
egbert, Aug 03 2004


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