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Bumper Spikes

Protect your cars bumpers.
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Are you sick of people rear ending you in traffic or in the parking lot? Then this is for you.

This idea is simple specially made titanium bumpers are mounted to the rear of your car with three (one on each side and in the middle) 6inch (20 cm) Suspention mounted solid titanium spikes to stop people from dinting your bumper.

Made For all cars in a wide range of colours.

Window Stickers included with messages such as "Back Of Or I'll Stick Ya".

GhostFace Killah, May 28 2001

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       you could double your money by releasing "bumper spike protectors", a year or two later.   

       then become EVEN richer by releasing "bumper spike protector piercing bumper spikes".
cucaracha, May 28 2001

       Front-bumper spikes are a logical next step, longer and sharper than standard rear-end spikes so that they spike the car ahead before it spikes them. Evolution of automobiles takes an ugly turn...cars end up looking like dinosaurs, with enormous spikes and spines and armor-plate on all available surfaces. Amusing, really.
Dog Ed, May 28 2001

       Yet another "make cars more dangerous to eliminate bad driving" idea.
bookworm, May 28 2001

       Speaking as a pedestrian, how about spring loaded sterring wheel spikes instead of air bags, then you'd drive carefully...
solomungus, May 28 2001

       Yeah, there's already a thread on that. See the first link.
jutta, May 28 2001

       Gee, out here in the agricultural parts of the world, a lot of us have "bale spears" on our farm trucks that are about 4 feet long and raise and lower hydraulically. Their normal function is to stab a 1500 pound round hay bale, raise it up and move it to where your cattle are. I guess it would work the other way, now that I think about it, but it'd be really hard on the cows.   

       I've found that it is also an excellent anti-tailgating device, especially if the switch that enables it also turns on all the rear-facing halogen work lights.
dumbassengineer, Jun 30 2001


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