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Bumper modules

User-replacable bumper modules
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Module is a light metal and/or plastic honeycomb designed to crumple on impact. Two rows of modules are plugged into slots/holes/whatever around the perimeter of the car.

Two rows because if just one row, it's possible to hit a pole on the boundary between modules and penetrate to the car frame. Boundaries between modules are staggered.

After a bump/accident, car-owner can just remove crumpled modules and replace with new ones. If all manufacturers used same form factor and attachment mechanism, module market would be very competitive and modules could be cheap.

Of course manufacturers would resist this. Example: laser printer toner cartridges.

Zora, Dec 19 2003

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       //module market would be very competitive and modules could be cheap// Maybe this is one reason why manufacturer's aren't too keen on standardising?
Fishrat, Dec 19 2003

       Could work if these modules were compatable with every manufacturer and car type.. Ford: Focus, taurus, explorer.. Honda: civic, accord.. Toyota: Camery, Corolla.. etc..
v0rtexx, Dec 19 2003

       This is just a subset of a modular car, an idea we've already done.   

       (later) More than once, apparently.
phoenix, Dec 19 2003

       [UB]- removing choice from automobiles is equivalent to removing choice from clothing, or home design.   

       Do you want that ?
SystemAdmin, Dec 19 2003

       There are already manufacturers of modular aftermarket bumpers, etc. out on the market ... but they're pricey indeed.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 19 2003

       Most bumpers on trucks are held on by a few bolts. The problem comes on imapct. In an impact over 20 miles per hour the frame can get tweaked. bumper no longer fits until mounts are adjusted back to factory settings.....
jvanzand, Feb 26 2004


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