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Depot Fluoride

For backward communities.
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There are some areas where children who grow up without the benefit of fluoride in the water. Examples include backwards rural area, the Sudan, and California. These kids grow up with baby boomer teeth, except in the Sudan where their teeth are beautiful.

I propose that in regions where water is not fluroidated, children could get depot fluoride. This would be a fluoridated mineral which would be implanted under the skin and slowly release measured quanitites of fluoride into the body.

bungston, Mar 09 2005

just a link as to "why not" http://www.nofluoride.com/
It's not really that crazy to protest mandatory "medecine", especially when the doses (how much you drink) is unknown. [sophocles, Mar 10 2005]


       Many Californians already get plenty of flouride through the bottled water, softdrinks, etc, that they consume that are made with flouridated water outside their locality. And brushing your teeth with flouridated toothpaste is a lot too. And effective.   

       It's a toxin in large quantities. (And an industrial waste that has incentives to have us ingest rather than pay for disposal.) It's a topical treatment, rather than through the blood. Next, should we inject toothpaste in random quantities?   

       Well, I give you a [+]/bun for making it optional.
sophocles, Mar 10 2005

       There is very little evidence to support the claim that fluoridation is beneficial for dental health, and a fair bit to suggest that it is harmful.
angel, Mar 10 2005


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