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dentist incentive

I feel your pain
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After visiting the dentist this week, it occured to me that the payee ought to be the one feeling the pain. it should be easy to wire a variostat to the underside of the arm of the chair which is then connected to the dentist. A small squeeze on the chair would indicate to him (with a gentle stimulus) that some minor degree of pain or nervousness was occuring. Increasing pressure would garner him further attention getting jolts. Of course you wouldn't want too much juice as he does have sharp implements in your mouth. I don't know.
hafwit, Aug 22 2003


       +1 put this in Health:ouch:dentist:ouch:sorry no:teeth.
po, Aug 22 2003

       Slight suggestion: Let the chair take note of your squeezes but not deliver the jolts until after you leave the chair. Then, in the future, avoid dentists that have spiky hair and smells overcooked.
Brummo, Aug 22 2003

       I read it as "dentist invective."   

       "Open your gob, you festering sack of shit!"
snarfyguy, Aug 22 2003

       [Rods]: Good Idea. Actually, a lot of idea titles here would be great band names. Was just thinking about band names when seeing "Boat Docks Ice Damage".
Brummo, Aug 22 2003

       The "pain" the dentist feels should be the pain in his pocketbook. Each squeeze on the chair would deduct dollars from the bill he gives you. He or she would be incented to keep you from feeling any discomfort whatsoever. A painfree patient is a paying patient.
cdcm, Aug 23 2003

       And of course, [cdcm], nobody'd do this to avoid paying the dentist. Surely, /I/ wouldn't.
Pseudonym #3, Aug 24 2003

       <evil, malicious, vengeful comments involving a long rant and things you wouldn't want your kids to read deleted>   

FloridaManatee, Aug 24 2003


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