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Descriptive Videoster

Networked Descriptive Video service for people who are blind
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Descriptive videos (videos with descriptive naration for the blind) are great in concept -- they are a step towards universal access, but the problem is the same as it is with audio books -- the narators always sound like Guy Smiley from Sesemae Street. The problem is not bad narators though, it is having any one person decide on the best way to translate somthing from the visual world to the audio world.

The solution is a networked descriptive video system that records home descriptions as they are done for blind people, and audience reactions as they occur in the general public, and lets users pick the best of these by rating them.

Wouldn't it be great if you could hear all the reactions to TV shows in all of the living rooms where the show was being watched -- the real laugh track? "Mystery Science Theater 3000"-style commentaries must be going on all over the place. If we had a way to record all of these and promote them on their success at adding to the value of a film or TV show it would make for a great description service.

JesusHChrist, Apr 10 2005




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