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important cues
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When films are finished, the word 'Fin' or "End' comes up on the screen, so that those sitting in the audience know when it is time to go. I think that at the beginning of a movie, they should have the word 'Start' or something equivalent in a foreign language, so that confusion is avoided.

This should also happen when you die and are born, but that would be somewhat more difficult.

benfrost, Feb 02 2005

life http://baharna.com/philos/life.htm
[Ling, Feb 02 2005]

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[Ling, Feb 02 2005]

My favourite http://dictionary.r...m/search?q=key+grip
For [Ling] [Detly, Feb 02 2005]


       //...somewhat more difficult.//   

       But not impossible.
Detly, Feb 02 2005

       There will therefore be endless debates on the point at which a life comes into being, though for the sake of administrative simplicity, I'd pick birth.
calum, Feb 02 2005

       Pending a unambiguous definition of the attribute 'life' involving only measurable quantities, I refuse to believe that such a thing exists.
Detly, Feb 02 2005

       It used to be that the credits signalled the end, but they got wise to that and now the credits are at the beginning or even somewhere after the beginning. I'm sure this triggers automatic reactions and an unconscious impulse to leave the cinema.
<aside> Have you ever read the credits to see what strange positions are mentioned i.e. so and so's hair-dresser; the chauffeur; the man who lived down the road who waved at the chauffeur; the mother of the man etc.etc ad nauseam?</>
Ling, Feb 02 2005

       A sudden drop in volume compared to the deafeningly loud "coming attractions", to me, signals the start of the movie I came to watch. I guess a simple decibel meter could be installed in the projector to sense this, even if the film director chose not to indicate the start of the film.
phundug, Feb 02 2005

       (I assume that "Debut" should be written in some random language other than French. Chinese, for example. That can become a tradition.)
phundug, Feb 02 2005

       i ponder the experience of visually impaired patrons in the cinema, what with so many false starts and faux preambles that lead directly to advertising (do not collect $100), it could be quite confusing.
benfrost, Feb 02 2005

       I think I somehow missed the clever part of this idea.
bristolz, Feb 02 2005

Ling, Feb 03 2005


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