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Desert Island Soup Bowl

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As you consume your soup, more and more of the little island in the middle is revealed. Comes with a miniature plastic palm tree to insert in a hole in the island and a shipwrecked figure to add to the affect.

edit.... obviously the effect is greatly enhanced if someone were to devise a type of azure blue soup, though a more or less clear broth would be ok too

xenzag, Jul 14 2010

now called "death bowls" for turtles http://www.petdisco...-Lagoon-8-p640.html
[dentworth, Jul 15 2010]

Party platter https://thewackyrab...%20server%20497.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 16 2010]


       Refrain from eating the volleyball.
jurist, Jul 15 2010

       I can't quit thinking of Tom Hanks portrayal of the shipwrecked guy on the deserted island with nothing but Wilson (a deflated basketball) to keep him company. Can you add a battery powered vibrator attachment to simulate a stormy sea? Not enough to eject any Rice Krispies onto the tablecloth, but enough to dash Wilson repeatedly against the rocks? Perhaps have the Tom Hanks action figure on a little spring, swaying pitifully and frantic with worry? No matter... bun [+].
Grogster, Jul 15 2010

       Delux version could have two palm trees and a hammock.
xenzag, Jul 15 2010

       brings to mind my plastic turtle dish from the long ago. If you filled that with soup it would be about the same thing.
dentworth, Jul 15 2010

       Is there a "Bikini Atoll" version available ?
8th of 7, Jul 15 2010

       You just throw drop a brick on it to get that.
xenzag, Jul 15 2010

       Wot, no mushroom (cloud) ?
8th of 7, Jul 15 2010

       Just film it in high speed, then slow-mo it.
xenzag, Jul 15 2010

       When all the soup is gone, the marooned figure becomes a triumphant mountain climber at the summit of a tropical peak.
DrWorm, Jul 16 2010

       We're holding out for the "Krakatoa" version ...
8th of 7, Jul 16 2010


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