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Deserve marketplace

The drama marketplace - everyone bids on what others deserve, and receives what they deserve. To cause it to be more interesting, everyone can bid deserves on the reactions to what others think they deserve. Bid on what human rights you think other people deserve. And wherever you're willing to pay for them.
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So if you think your garbageman deserves X amount of money, you could put it on the marketplace but everyone can see what you bid the garbageman as being worth and everyone can bid on what you deserve too in reaction to that.

I think it could be used for resource allocation. Match people up who believe similar things and give better rates to people you think kindly of or are in agreement of.

So if you're a decorator you would say these good people deserve a fair price but someone who is not fair deserves to pay more for the same.

Think of it as a social experiment with moral undertones.

You could collect a vote on what people think government departments deserve what funding. And what people think footballers and doctors and dentists should be paid.

What do estate agents and poor people deserve?

chronological, May 17 2022


       If this is just a survey I think it would be kind of interesting. The free market vs government jobs would be the most glaring comparisons.   

       Does a football player getting 30 million a year whose team makes 30 million a game in a 17 game season worth it? If there are no top players the team isn't making that kind of money so yea.   

       Does a government bureaucrat deserve what they make? I believe most government jobs are stealthy scams, where their performance and value to society is never challenged or even reviewed.   

       People who actually make society work, engineers, doctors, police officers, truck drivers, farmers, I don't think anybody would challenge their worth to society. But the ruling class? Dead weight in my opinion.   

       I think another interesting way to pose this would be "Where do they add value to society?".
doctorremulac3, May 17 2022

       //everyone can bid on what you deserve too in reaction to that.//   

       Do you mean what I think someone else deserves for a job has some bearing on what I deserve for mine? Like if I value others highly that's proof of my value at work? I don't think it does or should work like that. If it were an opt-in gift marketplace I would like it. [+/-]   

       What my garbage man gets is a function not of how pleasant or valuable to customers his job is but of the whole marketplace. It includes willingness of others to do the job, what I'm willing to pay to have the job done, the cost of the back end (land fill and all of its support personnel, his truck and its maintenance, etc) any government interference in the market, etc.   

       To base his pay on what uninformed people think it's worth would grossly distort the market. Either he would be massively overpaid (the price of garbage collection increases to still also afford the other things that have to be done, other jobs are paid relatively less well, reducing willingness to perform them, extra competition for the garbage collector job in particular) or massively underpaid. (not enough people willing to perform the job leading to uncollected garbage) That second situation would lead to price shocks where some people would suddenly decide a garbage man should be paid $5 per house per pickup. After a three month lead time there would be a glut of untrained would-be collectors and no one to pay them. And it would cost $300 per month to get one's garbage collected. Hello, illegal dumping.   

       And since no one sees the back end (how much should the guy get paid who directs and supports a sailor who brings the pipe that will be used to spray down the land fill?) all other job prices would be equally distorted with some getting no applicants and some getting too many. It's like a planned economy, but if the planning were performed by toddlers.
Voice, May 17 2022

       Voice, someone might think you deserve something for thinking someone deserves less or more or what you think they deserve.   

       They can also decide what you deserve for your job.
chronological, May 17 2022

       Part of my stated goal is to reveal hypocrisy and solve giving people what they deserve   

       If you think others deserve highly - the system would reveal whether you would put your money, efforts and actions match with what you think others deserve.   

       As you deserve different somethings for both sides of that question.
chronological, May 17 2022

       I get that you think what I'm worth at work should depend on my humility and generosity, but I couldn't agree less.
Voice, May 17 2022

       //I believe most government jobs are stealthy scams//   

       You say that now. Wait until your bridge collapses because the red tape wasn't there to ensure a double check of the engineer's calculations. Or you get the squirts for the fifth time this month because no one ran a random inspection for illegal aliens squatting in a lettuce field. Or your medicine is watered down. Or your milk is MORE than 50% pus. Or a pirate station drowns out your favorite radio station with phone sex and advertisements. Or you see a rat running through the restaurant you're eating at and the manager says, "yeah so?" Or your auntie pays a scammer $4000 and you have no one to complain to. etc. etc. etc.
Voice, May 17 2022

       Private organizations do a great job of quality control. When I was a teenager when I had my little company doing title 24 energy compliance and load calculations for architects and their HVAC installers, ASHRAE, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air- Conditioning Engineers, oversaw the industry. It's done a much better job than any government organization would and it doesn't sponge off the taxpayer.   

       There are many other private organizations that oversee the actual workings of society. It's the government spongeocrats that tell us the world will spin off its axis without their guiding embrace.   

       I'm starting the "Government Sun Explosion Oversight And Prevention Board" since its inception we've made sure the Sun doesn't explode and end all life on Earth. We're announcing this year's budget increase to 700 billion dollars for... uh... research."   

       But seriously, I'm fine with some government organizations, I'd just like to have some oversight over whether or not they actually do anything for the money we taxpayers give them, that's all.   

       But don't take my word for it, ask my fellow proles. Congress has a 68% disapproval rating. A restaurant with those kind of numbers would be out of business in the first few months.   

       By the way, just looked it up, not seeing that the word "spongeocrats" has ever been used before. Hope it catches on.
doctorremulac3, May 17 2022

       // Private organizations do a great job of quality control. //   

       ... of those aspects of quality which are easily visible to their customers. Not so much when it comes to things which happen mostly out of sight.
pertinax, May 17 2022

       Like HVAC stuff?   




       But there you go, you've described the perfect government regulation   

       job. Hidden and vague. They’re doing the greatest   

       job in the world or the worst, nobody would ever   

       know. Like my Sun Explosion Prevention Agency.   

       We guarantee thecSun won’t explode or your   

       money back.
doctorremulac3, May 17 2022

       // I get that you think what I'm worth at work should depend on my humility and generosity, but I couldn't agree less.   

       I think having humility and generosity is what we should all aspire to. But when it comes to business, we should be paid good wages a proportion of the value we provide.   

       The mathematical paradox of the economy depends on there being people poorly paid to do the jobs that rich people don't find worth the money.
chronological, May 18 2022

       How is that a paradox?
Voice, May 18 2022

       I'll explicate my theory why I think the economy is a paradox that only functions due to collective mania.   

       When you buy a loaf of bread that revenues of that loaf of bread needs to pay the cost of everyone's food, shelter and bills and car and petrol and electricity and car insurance and road tax and tax in the manufacture of that bread. (For all the employees of that bread company)   

       You also need to pay all these costs for yourself too.   

       So where does all that money come from? Money comes from work and is created by debt. The only limitless supply is work. But money is limited in circulation based on how much debt is created that is loaned out to businesses as money is printed by central banks to buy assets or as mortgages when private banks create money   

       Everyone needs bread. So the person who sells bread needs to buy bread also. So the poorest people need to buy bread and the rich people need to buy bread.   

       So do you see the paradox? How can it work at all if we all need to supply everyone we buy things with all the things we need also. So all the costs we need we also need to provide that with the money we exchange in exchange for bread, food and all those costs to the people that provide those costs of things we need.   

       In other words we are all forced to work to provide for everyone we need things from and it's recursive. There's never enough money for this so some people shall always be poor and go without.   

       So how is there ever enough money? As everyone needs to provide for everyone else.
chronological, May 18 2022

       There's enough wealth (money only being a token) because most people produce more wealth than they need. Take a stock clerk at a grocery store. He's going to put up many of thousands of dollars of merchandise per day. So he'll help feed hundreds of people per day. That contribution to them being fed is more valuable than the cost for him to live. A man running a riveting machine at a car factory may help make a hundred cars per day. His contribution isn't the value of several cars, or even one car, per day. But it's enough of a percentage of a car for him to support his family. If he's riveting cars that will be sold for $25,000 and his contribution is 1% of the cost of a car the value of his labor is $250 per car. Of which he'll receive $120 per day but them's the brakes. Get it? Brakes? It's funny because okay I can find the door on my own.
Voice, May 18 2022

       //Money comes from work and is created by debt.//   

       You're forgetting the role of finite resources, such as arable land and mineral deposits. Control of these things (and other capital assets) is where it all gets dark and difficult.
pertinax, May 18 2022

       Ah power...   

       The ultimate fetish.   

       Once you've attained it, what is there to strive for but either more power and immortality?   

       This is not so far fetched, we've swapped the heads of dogs and monkeys. We've swapped the brains of newts, each trained to be either diurnal or nocturnal and the conditioning swapped. The first human head transplant just happened.
It's only a matter of time before a human brain transplant between a donor and the clone of the donor happens, (if not already) ...and if you've gained enough power to strive for immortality, and can pay to have your clone grown brainless in a tank then you get to have your brain swapped into yourself... just several decades younger and genetically disease free... with no rejection drugs needed. It's your own body.

       It is within our reach, and so it is being explored of course.   

       My question is;   

       do we really want dictators to gain immortality?   

       As near as I can tell, that's where we're headed.   



       Job sites often post annual salary surveys by profession. It would be funnier (and more lucrative for the sites in the long run?) if the sites also inspired virtual unionization. Garbage men would band together and demand higher salaries.
4and20, May 19 2022

       //demand higher salaries//
Increasing wages at the "bottom end" is great & all (the minimum wage here has recently gone up), but it won't make any real difference until the "top end" agree to their wages coming DOWN. Otherwise the changes are simply passed on to customers, & (nearly) everybody still loses.
During the early days of the pandemic, the CEO of Air New Zealand was all over the news saying "I've taken a pay cut to help in these trying times". Poor bastard, he went from NZ$1.6 million to NZ$1.45 million (per annum). What do people even DO with that much income?
neutrinos_shadow, May 19 2022

       Given the less-than stellar 'success' of social media to cure any other of society's ills I don't know that I want it deciding on my pay rate. but it would be an interesting experiment if you could prevent the trolls from taking over.
RayfordSteele, May 19 2022


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