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Designer Nutritional Supplements

Tired of Taking Too Many Pills?
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Designer supplements would allow the user to tell the nutritionist which supplements they are taking. The nutritionist would would then design a pill "just for you."
StAndrew, Apr 02 2002

google customized vitamin and supplement packs https://www.google....nd+supplement+packs
[a1, Jun 02 2021]


       [-] WKTE, for years before this idea was posted. Too many to link so I'll just point to google customized vitamin and supplement packs.   

       If you really want ONE BIG PILL -- that's a fishbone too, as the pill would likely be too big to swallow. And many vitamins and supplements should not be taken at the same time. Some work best on an an empty stomach, some after a full meal, etc. so a pack of different supplements to take at different times through the day is pretty common.
a1, Jun 02 2021

       This idea was posted on Apr 02 2002, by [StAndrew]. It was not commented on for nineteen years.   

       It was one of the saint's two ideas that day, and he posted another three ideas the next day. And that was it for [StAndrew]'s idea string. He commented on a few ideas in that time frame and moved on to something else.
normzone, Jun 08 2021

       // And that was it for [StAndrew] //   

       Sad, isn’t it? If only someone had understood his cry for help…
a1, Jun 08 2021


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