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Detached Attachments

Store links to attachments in local mail store
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Less than an hour to go, sending the latest version of a PPT, and the dreaded storage error.

Mail systems are overwhelmed with incoming, outgoing, and 'cc'ed copies of attachment. It seems a relatively straightforward approach would be to store the shortcut, so that an email can be sent and forwarded as many times as needed, including the actual file.

However, when it arrives in an inbox, once you save it locally, the attachment would become simply a pointer to where you had stored the file. This would do wonders to decreasing disk space requirements for local mail storage

theircompetitor, Jul 26 2007

Attaching attachments A_20staple_20form_20of_20memory
[normzone, Jul 26 2007]


       This is a self-baking concept. You can do it without anything Al Gore didn't already invent.
globaltourniquet, Jul 26 2007

       gt, I'm obvioulsy talking about the mail client performing this function, so that with respect to its user interface, all would appear as it does today, with the inbox, sent folder, etc, showing the attachment, and having the attachment retrievable via the mail message -- but having the storage for a given attachment to a message occour only once on a local mail client.
theircompetitor, Jul 26 2007


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