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Development Tune

Listen to eight years of experience build up in one tune
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Say somebody is learning an instrument, let's say the piano. Every year they learn the same tune, but a less simple version each time. When they have been playing for twenty years, or however long they want, the tunes are compiled and split up so it gradually develops from a single hand, single note tune, to a professional-sounding performance. Any suggestions for the tune?
modular, Nov 30 2003

Inspired by http://www.halfbake...dea/Lifeline_20song
[modular, Oct 04 2004]


       I don't understand what you're asking. Do you want people to be playing very complex variations of Chopsticks after 20 years? I don't get the reason behind learning progressively harder versions of the same piece. Why not learn harder but different pieces?
waugsqueke, Nov 30 2003

       I'll have to agree, for once, with [waugs].
Pericles, Nov 30 2003

       I'd be keen on the idea, but somewhat speeded up. Say, 20 steps learned over a year.   

       Thinking about it again, there is a parallel here between learning a martial art and learning its 'form'. Although the form stays the same over the years it remains relevant to the practitioner since they learn different things from it over time.   

       Maybe a piece of music could be composed that was so fundamental to the way a particular instrument can be played that it could be simplified and used in this way.
st3f, Nov 30 2003

       [waugs], if you played different tunes, then they couldn't be mixed into one progressing tune, just a bunch of snippets from different tunes.
modular, Nov 30 2003

       // then they couldn't be mixed into one progressing tune //   

       But why would you want to do that? You haven't shown any reasoning.
waugsqueke, Nov 30 2003

       I just think it would sound great if you heard yourself - beginner to advanced - playing the same progressing tune. Every ten seconds you would hear an improvement in your playing while hearing the exact same tune undisturbed.
modular, Dec 01 2003

       So this isn't something geeks whistle while they are coding?
silverstormer, Dec 01 2003

       "Heart and Soul." Infinitely accompanieable.
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2003

       anyone with a website willing to put up a MIDI version of a Development Tune I made?
modular, Dec 03 2003

       Anyone, anyone at all...
modular, Dec 03 2003

       Yeah, I think Modular has a new idea here. He wants to compile a song where the first 10 seconds were performed by you when you had just started to learn, the next 10 seconds were performed a month later, and so on...
luecke, Dec 03 2003

       Oh. I misunderstood. I thought he wanted several versions of the same song with varying levels of difficulty. Carry on.
k_sra, Dec 03 2003

       its the //but a less simple version each time// that causes the confusion..
po, Dec 03 2003

       "It's getting better," by the Beatles
friendlyfire, Dec 03 2003

       Hm. Wesley Willis. Not much complexity involved in pressing the preset beat button on your casio keyboard, bellowing "Lick a panda's bootyhole!" and occasionally hitting 'fill.' Still, if the complexity increases for 20 years, it might sound like Bach eventually.   

       Hm x2. Perhaps this would be better suited to percussion. Start off keeping a simple 4/4 beat, gradually adding extra beats to the old four four until after the set period of years, you've got (a) a long beard and (b) a clattering breakbeat jazz solo.
calum, Dec 03 2003

       // So this isn't something geeks whistle while they are coding? //   

       Hey [silverstormer] - not all of us coders are geeks. I for one have developed a programme which employs a detailed equation which calculates to 15 decimal places my personal coolness coefficient using a number of input criteria and using which I can prove beyond doubt that I'm not a......oh!
dobtabulous, Dec 04 2003

       Some say "Geek"; some say "freak". I say unique.
silverstormer, Dec 04 2003

       Nobody wants to put my midi on the net...
modular, Dec 04 2003

       In my case, "nobody" knows how.
k_sra, Dec 04 2003

       Maybe a bgsound on this site, [jutta]... pleeease...
modular, Dec 05 2003


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