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Electronic accordion for dubstep, drum 'n' bass, techno music.
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Accordionlike musical instrument for cyberpunks, that is fully electronic, that uses machine learning for realtime sound design with faders, knobs, buttons, displays, lasers and other iterfaces for playing electronic music on electro raves.

Because now DJ is just staying near computer, and can not dance and rave all over the stage, like real rockstar. He needs compact electronic station.

bondarchukb, Aug 22 2019

Double_20Breasted_20Accordion_20Waistcoat analogue wearable version of an accordion [xenzag, Aug 22 2019]


       Welcome to the Halfbakery!   

       As to the idea, as long as it doesn't make actual accordion sounds, it works for me. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 22 2019

       WTAGIPBAN. See also: Eigenharp.
notexactly, Aug 22 2019

       MIDI accordions already exist, but they're usually styled to look like a traditional one.   

       I've been building my own MIDI accordion for a while, with quite a different design, not finished yet though.
mitxela, Aug 22 2019

       mitxela, it is cool.
bondarchukb, Aug 22 2019

Dub, Aug 23 2019


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