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Development database

Take the effort out of PDP's
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Job appraisal drawing near? What I would like is a database that will generate my Personal Development Plan replete with all the latest buzz words and company slogans without me having to get drunk and make it up. It should be able to spew out a specified number of comments covering all areas of development: Knowledge / Technical and Behavioural skill requirements, and updated by the type of people who can look another human being in the eye and say "improving the human interface" and "winning the customer" without so much as a smirk.
harristonian, Jul 03 2003

Goooooooogle is a marvellous thing... http://www.google.c...zzword+generator%22
Plenty of source material here. [angel, Oct 04 2004]

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       [angel]! Help me!. I can't stop hitting the regenerate button!
gnomethang, Jul 03 2003


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