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Directional floating orbs

Color coded
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North is red, south is green, west is blue, east is orange. The floating directional orbs would have these four colors on the respective sides. So if your a mile or so away and someone says "head north on cambel" you simply look into the sky to find the nearest directional orb and you can orientate yourself anywhere in a major city. As well as having the directions color coded these directional orbs would be placed at key locations. Say you need to get to the nearest highway, you look for an orb, if its top and bottom are flashing yellow you know that that orb is anchored at an highway on ramp. You need to get to the hospital, so you look to the sky and see an orb whose top and bottom are flashing violet and you know that that orb is anchored at the closest hospital. At night these orbs would have a soft pleasing glow.

Orbs would not be miles in the sky but mabye a couple hundred feet and be placed ever mile or so.

Antegrity, Jan 03 2006


       "head north on a camel"?
po, Jan 03 2006

       What about just using a compass?
MikeOxbig, Jan 04 2006

       Where I live, we have a giant floating orb. You can use it to figure out which way is east, or in the afternoon, west.
bungston, Jan 04 2006

       Hang 'em on streetlamps.
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2006

       Cambel not camel. Its a road. I would like to see these they would be very interesting to view at a distance from the city. Multicolored soft glowing orbs.
Antegrity, Jan 04 2006

       What do you want to do tonight besides get drunk? I don't know -- we could tip cows or maybe go out and twist orbs!
zigness, Jan 04 2006

       "Directional floating orbs" could be a cheap science fiction porn movie.
hippo, Jan 04 2006

       Dennis was out on the town, a young single guy looking for a good time. As he turned his hybrid vehicle onto cambel he saw the welcoming sight of the colour coded directional floating orbs garishly flashing red from top to bottom. He felt nervous as he pulled over in front of Madame Fifi's House of Temporary Companionship, whose motto is "money CAN-CAN buy you happiness". Very soon, Dennis would seek out the soothing violet-flashing orbs where he would obtain relief from the burning sensation and ugly rash growing in his loins. Later, after his much-needed medical treatment, he would meet some of his friends for a few frosty beverages and some tall tales under the rapidly-blinking green and gold orbs of the local pub. At the end of the night, the "autopilot" feature of his hybrid vehicle would simply acquire the white floating orb to safely and gently guide Dennis home for a well-deserved night's sleep.
Canuck, Jan 05 2006

       Yes the orbs could be leased from the government. They would have to have the 4 directional colors and would have no writing on them. Just various colors. Buisnesses that fell under one of the orbs would pay a monthly fee to flash the colors.
Antegrity, Jan 05 2006

       So there's an orb in each of the cardinal directions? What happens if you live northeast of the red and orange orbs? Then SOUTH would be red and WEST would be orange.
nihilo, Jun 09 2006


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