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Devilment door

Drives denizens to distraction
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Imagine a door that can open by pushing or pulling, from either the left or right hand side. It can also slide to the left or to the right.
The door can detect if it is being pushed or pulled in any direction.
Cunningly, it can then block every movement until the very last one.

Watch and enjoy.
Ling, Aug 19 2005

Evil door Sounds like it belongs in the Evil door line. [Worldgineer, Aug 20 2005]

Evil Door (2) similar [Worldgineer, Aug 20 2005]

Evil Door [3] http://web.archive....il_20Door_20_5b3_5d
There were a few others, but deleted when it got out of hand. [Worldgineer, Aug 20 2005]


       How does it know which movement is the last one?
moomintroll, Aug 19 2005

       It could count. Only the what, 6th? different attempted action will work.   

       I'll be impressed if you can design the doorknobs to be totally ambiguous accross all those possible actions.
oxen crossing, Aug 19 2005

       Moomintroll, yeah, I can see it's not written so well...
The last movement is the only one that hasn't been tried, yet.
Ling, Aug 19 2005

       Or perhaps a sign that appears only after a sustained struggle: USE OTHER DOOR.
ldischler, Aug 19 2005

       (visualizes a line of guys dancing in front of the men's room).   

       This is so wrong it might belong in 'public: evil.' +
RayfordSteele, Aug 19 2005

       I suppose it doesn't so much know which is the last movement as 'decide' it, in the same way that something you lost is in the last place you look, because you stop looking.
fridge duck, Aug 20 2005

       Your door is now ajar. +   

       a new security door perhaps
Antegrity, Aug 20 2005

       Even worse, for those that think they know the secret; make the door refuse to open. Just as the person walks away in fury, the door opens itself slightly with an audible click.
Ling, Aug 20 2005

       I'm a semi-quiet newbie, but I just want you to promise that this door will be illegal at pubs. And that the trade secrets involved can never be sold to the makers of bra clasps.
sleeka, Aug 20 2005

       At least she remembered your name.
jurist, Aug 20 2005

       [sleeka], ever heard of a lock in? Perfect.
Ling, Aug 20 2005

       [Pa`ve] - //third pair of solenoids//more than just six basic motions// Great. After forty-two attempts, your too-narrow door turns on its vertical axis in the center of the door, and you end up with an enraged fat man stuck in it. And I imagine the damn video camera is still filming.
Bun. With prejudice.
lurch, Aug 20 2005

       [Worldgineer], wow, I didn't think to check under "evil". My door isn't evil; it's slightly mischievous.
Ling, Aug 20 2005

       Heeheehee! "You wanna get through hey? You wanna get through do ya? No, not like that, guess again..."
wagster, Aug 20 2005

       [Ling], yes, I'll certainly agree with the beauty of a lock in! "One-way door at any entrance, devilment doors at all exits" now mandatory at all pubs.
sleeka, Aug 21 2005

       Have my [+] to make it to the coveted two-and-a-half croissants, you evil [Ling].
methinksnot, Apr 06 2006

       And the sign on the door is in fact an LCD: 'Push' - 'Pull' - 'Push again' - 'Try harder' - 'Pull some more' ...
loonquawl, Mar 19 2009


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