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Dryer room

So you can hide.
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How many times have you been un-loading the dryer and had the urge to climb inside. Its like a jefferies tube in star trek and your going in to investigate something.

My idea is to have a secret combination of dryer controls. Turn right to delicates, then back to fluff, turn the start button and the back of the dryer opens up to reveal a secret room. To enter of course, you climb through the dryer.

The dryer would have to be specially made of course. The room could be a playfull sanctuary. Or a place where one writes threatening letters. It could be a bomb shelter, it could be anything.

Or it could be made into a series of novels. The lion, the witch and the dryer.

Antegrity, Oct 03 2005

Dryer portal @ Meow Wolf, Santa Fe https://meowwolf.co...-original-meow-wolf
At the House of Eternal Return. [jutta, Sep 03 2022]


       This wouldn't be too horribly difficult to build if one were so inclined. Most dryers I've seen are made with a backless drum that is supported by a set of rollers so I doubt there's much major mechanical stuff in the way.   

       I'd like mine to be the entrance to a long, winding slide.   

       Oh, and check for those missing socks while you're back there.
half, Oct 03 2005

       Whatever you want it to be. This could be simplified by having one working dryer and one dummy dryer.
Antegrity, Oct 03 2005

       Don't you think that might give your secret away? I think it's simple enough and fine the way it is.   

       You just need to make sure that however it is installed, the back of the dryer isn't visible (like mine is from one side).
half, Oct 03 2005

       Yes I was thinking about that. I would just build cabinets out and over the dryer itself.
Antegrity, Oct 03 2005

       I think this was done in Family Guy before, except Peter came out in Narnia. I only thought of it because of your reference.
hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

       You all see that they are coming out with movies for Narnia now?   

       I just may go see them.
Antegrity, Oct 04 2005


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