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Dial-a-flavor soda bottles

Some may prefer the term "pop bottles"
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There are three of us making bagel pizzas for football snacks, and each of us wants a different soda. Instead of getting three different one-liter bottles, we buy one dial-a-flavor bottle. It's a three liter bottle with three sections (like those three-flavor popcorn cans you sometimes see). The top is a dial - turn it to your favorite flavor and enjoy. Or leave it half-way between two flavors for that kiddie mix. Or take the top off and go suicide. Everyone is happy.
globaltourniquet, Aug 07 2007

Here's an example of a three-flavor popcorn tin http://bloomstoday....pcorn_Tin-2709.html
[Beep] - the soda flavors are sectioned like this, shielded from each other by plastic walls - the lid dials open to one (or two!) at a time. [globaltourniquet, Aug 07 2007]

Inexhaustible Bottle http://www.magicsan...nexhaustible_Bottle
A classic magic trick. The bottle was not only inexhaustible, but also produced whatever flavor of liquor the audience asked for. [jutta, Aug 07 2007]

Halfbakery: Two Cups Of Coffee Two_20Cups_20Of_20Coffee
[baked in caffinated form] [vincevincevince, Aug 08 2007]

SodaStream http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodastream
Love these things. I imported mine to the US from the UK. Use slushee syrups if you can't find the real thing. [gtoal, Aug 08 2007]


       I understand, you need a picture. But I can't draw.   

       There are three chambers in the bottle, walls between them extending all the way up to the top (see link for popcorn tin example). The lid is a dial mechanism, like a spice jar that allows you to select shake or pour.   

       Does that clarify it?
globaltourniquet, Aug 07 2007

       The wall/divider is going to be expensive to make, especially if you expect it to hold up when one chamber is open and the others are pressurized.   

       You and your buds are going to have to hunt all over the geenormous soda section to find the bottle that has the combo you want: "Slurm, Squishy and Spam? No! Slurm, Spam and Slug! Not Spam, Slurm and Suck? No! Spam, Slug and Slurm? What?"
baconbrain, Aug 07 2007

       // Not Spam, Slurm and Suck?
Man, now you're getting me all worked up.

       A variation of this is doable - not with separators and tanks, but with a flavor-adding component on the way out, like those flavor-adding milk straws that exist - and would have some novelty value. My gottaexistatron is ringing, but I can't find an implementation.
jutta, Aug 07 2007

       The act of opening would need to depressurize all chambers, it's true.
globaltourniquet, Aug 07 2007

       [jutta], my thoughts exactly. this whole concept is semi-baked in pop machine fountains at fast-food joints, etc. syrup from one bladder bag is released when that flavor is requested. but it's the same soda water running through everyone's veins.
k_sra, Aug 07 2007

       Again, there's always the double-sided bottle idea, where there's a cap on each end. Maximum of two flavors per bottle, though.
phundug, Aug 07 2007

       [phundug] No need to limit yourself to two flavors. Imagine a number of bottles with all the bases glued together and the caps radiating out like a star. Sort of a nerd ninja star.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 08 2007

       The use of one opening for multiple flavours adds nothing, hence there is no difference between this and two or more items of any beverage. See link.
vincevincevince, Aug 08 2007

       Semi-baked by SodaStream (See link)
gtoal, Aug 08 2007

       I am going to protest the notion that that goofy 70s auto-soder has any relationship whatsoever with my idea, save that it has something to do with soda.   

       As for two or more separate bottles, well, OK ,yeah, that's kind of like this - but I offer this option to prevent the need for buying three separate one-liter bottles, which will cost twice as much as one three-liter bottle.   

       Plus it's cool, like when you go to the Taco Bell drive-thru around here, and you are pleasantly surprised to see that it's ALSO a KFC and a Pizza Hut!
globaltourniquet, Aug 08 2007

       I've seen this idea on the internet a couple of months back. Smart idea, but they had 6 flavors to inject. Smart idea, not soda i mean. Soda is a dumb idea.
twitch, Aug 08 2007


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