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one can, two openings
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Duo-Can has an opening at the top and another one at the bottom, along with a separating division half way up the can.

This means that when you only want to have a small glass of beer, or drink it slowly you don't have to worry about the rest of the can going flat.

xenzag, Jan 16 2008

You could always put a lid on it... http://www.alwaysbr...d.htm?kw=1361382342
[DrCurry, Jan 16 2008]

Alternate technology http://www.qvc.com/...ZATION&cm_ite=K3155
[DrCurry, Jan 16 2008]

The Kegerator http://www.barplan....ans/kegboxplans.htm
Not great for jungle combat. [zen_tom, Jan 16 2008]

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       So simple, yet so useful.... [+]
8th of 7, Jan 16 2008

       would there be a drip problem?
po, Jan 16 2008

       Why not just buy those new haf-sized cans they're now selling in supermarkets?
DrCurry, Jan 16 2008

       [DrCurry] or glue two of them together ?
erlehmann, Jan 16 2008

       [erlehmann] exactly my thinking, gaffer tape, and two upended cans of RedStripe lashed together. Brilliant. Also, I can see this technique serving for lager drinking in the midst of jungle combat.
zen_tom, Jan 16 2008

       xenzag/erlehmann/zen_tom: um, no, because then once you've drunk one half, it drips on you when you drink the other.
DrCurry, Jan 16 2008

       How does it drip on you when the empty half is tipped up and the full part points downwards?
xenzag, Jan 16 2008

       //you only want to have a small glass of beer//   

       //drink it slowly//   

       Down it!
Jinbish, Jan 16 2008

       In jungle combat, it's ok to drip a little lager. It confuses the flies.
zen_tom, Jan 16 2008

       xz: you drink first half. Put can down. Later, you come back, turn can over to open the other half and raise it to your lips. Bottom half of can drips on you.
DrCurry, Jan 16 2008

       In jungle combat, you simply machine-gun the finished can off the stack, fashioning the twisted remains into a vicious boobytrap.
zen_tom, Jan 16 2008

       DrC - one NEVER drinks from the can - far too vulgar.... and think of all those rat's urine spiced feet that have tip-toed over the sealed rim before you put your lips to it - euach !
xenzag, Jan 16 2008

       Perfect for a double date. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Jan 16 2008

       Or a re-sealable / screw-top bottle.   

       This is why Grolsch is the superior product. Well, this, and many other reasons, too.
Custardguts, Jan 16 2008

       // Grolsch is the superior product //   

       Even though it tastes like carefully refrigerated cow piss ? Real ale, we say, reale ale is the thing ... refuse all substitutes.... all substitutes are refuse ...
8th of 7, Jan 16 2008

       er, I recognised all the drips first - I know all of the above ;)   

       //How does it drip on you when the empty half is tipped up and the full part points downwards?// no, the full part is at the top - kinda near your mouth.
po, Jan 16 2008

       We've had these in the UK for years.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2008

       Perhaps these could be sold with a plastic snap-on lid. Kinda like on a Pringles tater chip can (sorry for the Americanism. I is one.) You'd only need one lid. When one side is finished, snap the plastic lid over the used side, stick back in fridge and chill 'til ready for the other side of the drink. That would solve the drip problem.
Sometimer, Jan 17 2008

       // bottled and fed to beer drinkers //   

       We think you mean "lager drinkers".   

       Real Ale is a rich, complex, deeply satisfying beverage of up to 13.% alcohol content (although that's actually a barley wine, and should be drunk in pints only by the habituated or seriously foolhardy). Real Ale can taste of chocolate, or plum pudding, or treacle, and can produce residual flatulence of such volume and duration that it can be used as a feedstock for industrial processes, a fuel, or in some cases a low-lethality riot-control weapon.
8th of 7, Jan 17 2008

       tastes like raspberry to me.
po, Jan 17 2008

       The can is going to be hard to make--not impossible, just much more expensive than two regular cans full of beer. And you'll want to avoid putting it down while drinking the first half, or the second half's rim is going to taste like . . . like . . . what tastes worse than beer?
baconbrain, Jan 17 2008

       It wouldn't be hard to make. First, you make two regular (but shorter) cans. The bases need to snuggle nicely. Then you just glue them base-to-base.   

       [sometimer]'s suggestion of a snap-on plastic cover is good.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 17 2008

       As always, [MaxB], your insight serves you well. I was thinking of a single drawn can body with a divider glued into the middle of the inside. Two short cans glued together wouldn't cost any more than two short cans not glued together.
baconbrain, Jan 18 2008

       Ahem, what about the cost of the glue?
Texticle, Jan 18 2008

       // Two short cans glued together //   

       It will cost more in materials ...... the divider will be in effect dual-walled.   

       A typical 330ml can is 110mm high and 68mm in diameter.   

       That gives a total surface area of 23487 mm2 for the side walls and 3629 mm2 for the base, neglecting curvature.   

       Thus the base is 13.5% of the total area of the can (neglecting the top, wich is a separate component).   

       If the can is shorter, the proportion of the base relative to the overall size of the can increases, since the base is of constant diameter.   

       For a 500ml DuoCan, the sidewall area is 35586 mm2. The base area is still 3629 mm2, which is 9.25 % of the total material. If you have a dual partition, that will mean an extra 3629 mm2 of material, thus increasing the raw material cost of the can body by 9.25%.
8th of 7, Jan 18 2008

       Agreed [8thof7] what's required is the ability to purchase beercans by the yard.
Me: Shopkeep, 3 fathoms of your finest Red Stripe please. And be quick about it.
SK: Would you like that in feet, or yards sir?
Me: Yards you fool! Do I look like the sort of fly-by-night, flibbertijibbet who would purchase his drink by the foot? I have been trained in jungle combat!
SK: Very good sir.
Shopkeep shambles off into the back of the shop.
<sounds-of-heavy can-crimping machinery and liquids being pumped>
SK: Here you are sir, that'll be 5 shillings 7d please guv.
Me: There you go my man, good day.
zen_tom, Jan 18 2008

       Top half - strong lager.   

       Bottom half - Cheese, peanuts or shoe wax.
skinflaps, Jan 18 2008

       You must look pretty funny ..... by the way, what do you want in your DuoCan ?   

       Me: Shopkeep, 3 fathoms of your finest Red Stripe please. And be quick about it. SK: Only what you see on the shelves, buddy .........
8th of 7, Jan 18 2008

       //thus increasing the raw material cost of the can body by 9.25%.// Yes, and in fact the cost increase will be much more than that - the base of the can is thicker than the walls. However, for a modest sales premium, not an issue.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2008

       // the base of the can is thicker than the walls //   

       Yes, we noted that in the exemplar, but it would have added excessive complexity to the math.   

       In fact, it's worse, because since the base of most drawn aluminimum cans is concave over a greater part of their profile, the available area for adhesive (or possibly rotary seam welding) is restricted. Therefore careful surface preparation would be needed. It amy be possible to weld two cans base-to-base using a TIG welder or an electron beam welder (in a vacuum chamber) but it will not be an easy task with such thin material. The alternative we considered was 3 or 4-point interior spot welding. If this is done before the can is filled and the lid fixed then it should be fairly secure, but steel cans would be better due to the need for agressive surface preparation with aluminium, and subsequent cleandown. The legending would have to go on after the welding, as the heat might damage the finish, and to ensure the legending is aligned on both sections of the container.
8th of 7, Jan 18 2008

       //In fact, it's worse, because since the base of most drawn aluminimum cans is concave//   

       Ah but. They needn't both be concave. You can't have a flat base, because it will bulge under pressure (if one halfcan is opened and the other is still sealed). However, either a concave *or* a convex base would be fine. So, make the halfcans in pairs: one with concave base, one with a convex base. They will then mate together seduciously, and will offer a large contact surface for gluage.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2008

       //They will then mate together seduciously, and will offer a large contact surface for gluage.//   

       i always appreciate the opportunity to learn new words as english is not my primary language.   

       i'm thinking it should probably be seductively or salaciously, that, or you are the 21 year old female named Sloan from IL who claims to have invented the word "seduciously". [from google - only 1 hit comes up for the word and it's on myspace, how very hip].
pyggy potamus, Jan 19 2008

       Sorry - I meant salacively, obviently.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2008

       // one with concave base, one with a convex base //   

       All very well, but this will give the two containers different volumes (we also considered this), meaning that the one with the convex base needs to be slightly shorter over all than the other, resulting in an unaesthetic lack of symmetry.
8th of 7, Jan 19 2008

       ...or the ability to decide whether you are slightly more or slightly less thirsty at that precise instant.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2008

       The exterior volume of the concave base of a 330ml can is, by practical measurement, approximately 20 ml. On a 500 ml Duo-Can, that would make one side about 8% bigger than the other.
8th of 7, Jan 19 2008

       My wife is about 16% more thirsty than I am, right now. Give her two cans, I'll have her bottoms.
4whom, Jan 19 2008

       // Fuck the cans //   

       We hope you're aware that that's still a criminal offence in many less liberal jurisdictions, including many states of the U.S.A. ?
8th of 7, Jan 19 2008

       I imagine that penetrative sex with an aluminium can would pose various lacerationary difficulties that would deter all but the the bravest (or foolhardy) of gentlemen.
zen_tom, Mar 05 2008

       unpeakable *should* be a word.
po, Mar 05 2008

       God. what is the best way to show a picture of a 4D object? i only can draw three dimensional coordinates. -david lowenstein   

       well, it's possible to draw a 4D object! surprise! just make the fourth axis to be the fourth corner of a tetrahedron! all line segments must go away from each other, or this graph will not work. added to the fact, that space and time are both four dimensional, 4D objects can be seen! amazing, is it? well, one cannot have 4D eyes, only we gods can have them, but they can use 4D cameras. just use transmitters! -God   

       awesome! -david lowenstein   

       yeah. that's the awesome part. -God   

       another question. is a duocylinder, stacked tori, or linked tori? -david lowenstein   

       actually it is linked tori! surprise! everyone can see the fourth dimension! -God   

       Lord Yahweh. Can there be a duocylinder equivalent of a juice can containing two different juices? i want to drink out of a duocylinder! -david lowenstein   

       well, since we Gods can build anything, of course, since we are Gods, we will help the cosmos to make duocylinders filled with two beverages. -Lord Yahweh, thank you, dave, for saying my name again.   

       you are very welcome, lord yahweh! thank you, Lord yahweh! -david lowenstein   

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       we at dole juice and duo juice are hyper-confused. you are asking us to make a four dimensional juice can that can never fit into our three dimensional space and put two juices into it? we'll love to make a duocan, but may God help us, because only with God's help, we can make a duocan. well, we really love the idea! it will become a permanent symbol of God's ingenuity in a popular way to drink juice. well, we hope we can make all duocans holy, because it is a higher form of a regular three dimensional can. and the can will be magical too, since it exists in a higher dimension than ours! hey! the duocan is also futuristic, because in the future, there are better ways of doing things! thanks, dave! we will make sure the better nation columbia appears before we, with the help of God, attempt to build the world's first duocan for drinking juice. thanks, dave, for the idea! we love it! -us at dole and duo juice   

       you are all very welcome! -david lowenstein
davey l, Aug 17 2011

       well, a duocan is basically shaped like two doughnuts linked together with each one having a top.
davey l, Aug 17 2011

       // It may be possible to weld two cans base-to-base using a TIG welder //   

       It is. I could easily TIG two beer cans together. Cleaning and surface prep is pretty simple, too.
Alterother, Aug 17 2011

       // It amy be possible to weld two cans base-to-base using a TIG welder […] but it will not be an easy task with such thin material. //   

       I know someone who managed to do that, and then refill the result with beer, with the drinking apertures still factory- sealed. I don't remember exactly how she did it, but you're right about it not being easy.
notexactly, Apr 19 2018


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