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Dialog boxing: You are searching for: ...

Ask and get search results in a descriptive way through dialog
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A dialog between you and the search engine gets to understand better what you are searching for, and will search deeper, going into a second and third stage search, searching INSIDE the results for you, giving you a comprehensive description of what it finds instead of a list of sites. Of course at first this won't work very well but as time passes it will get better at understanding you, and better at telling you what it found out.

So each search has a list of fields around it. When you ask a question it understands that your search is in the field of philosophy or cognitive science, that you are NOT searching for a certain phrase in a book, but rather trying to find the "name" or title of one of the theories in the physical explanation for consciousness. It is important to note that when you initiated the search you didn't say a word about all those terms in your question.

But RUS4 already had you searching and watching Jeff Kaplan's intruductory videos on this topic, so it knows you aren't a complete novice.

In order to give you: You Are Searching For: A theory of physicalism in the philosophy of mind? (logical behaviorism? functionalism? The mind-brain identity?) or are you looking for the names of people who gave these ideas? (David Chalmers' Golem? Mary's room by Frank Jackson? Hilary Putnam's super Spartans?)

Are You Searching For a sequence of actions to walk you through fixing a broken applience?

Something like that?

Something else completely?

This is similar to the NOT THAT idea that I posted here a few years ago, but its not that.

Our program will need to artificially (but with human assistance) know how to categorize, get closer through keyword clouds, do secondary automated self searches, and finally automatically and manually give comprehensive titles and subtitles to pieces of information.

It will also need a way to learn when it is not being comprehensive, and "how to talk" with the different human searchers, each with their own and their group vocabulary, knowledge and fields of interest.

pashute, Nov 09 2021


       So... Google with its targeted search history feature...
RayfordSteele, Nov 09 2021

       Dialog Boxing: like Chess Boxing, but with cutting repartee.
pertinax, Nov 10 2021


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