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Domain Name SMART Search

Advanced intricate search techniques to find all kinds of domains
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I've looked through several Domain Search sites like http://who.is and so far i find it difficult to search for a domain containing specific criteria.

It would be nice to have a search engine that can search for domains that have such abilities as:

1. Find all Domains that have registrar as e.g."godaddy.com" who were registered "between May 2009-June 2009", who have PR's of 5 or higher.

2. Find all Domains that have the word "rome" anywhere in its name (not just at begin or end), who have non-private email addresses (not hidden).

3. Find all Domains created by the same person (e.g. same email address or admin mailing address)

4. Get email alerts on all domains with certain criteria who get updated (e.g. any owner who updates its NameServers you get notified of this), or new domains created by a certain person or made with a certain registrar, etc.

Is this idea of any use?

quantass, Jun 29 2009

http://www.domaintools.com/ Not exactly, but close. In particular, it does support the "rome somewhere in the name" thing. [jutta, Jun 29 2009]


       How much would you pay for this service?
jutta, Jun 29 2009

       Make it free...but then have a premium service to unlock higher more precise options when searching
quantass, Jun 30 2009

       Yeah, that's pretty much what the linked-to site does.
jutta, Jun 30 2009


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