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Digestive Insoles

So that everyone's feet smell like biscuits
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My feet, when left to their own devices for a few days, start to smell like Digestive Biscuits. To stop me being singled out as unhygenic, I propose "Digestive Insoles".

These insoles work in the same way as carbon insoles, except that instead of filtering *out* bad smells, they filter *in* the smell of Digestives. When they reach the end of their life, they are simply recycled into cheesecake.

If this idea were adopted by the masses, it would negate the need for me to wash my feet.

<small print> I claim immunity from the charges of "It's a let's all" as I myself would not participate. </small print>

jtp, Nov 11 2006

http://en.wikipedia...i/Digestive_biscuit [normzone, Nov 12 2006]


       I thought I knew what a "digestive biscuit" is. Apparently, I did not, and I shall be happy to let it remain so.
lurch, Nov 12 2006

       In some strange way, there's something almost admirable about the sheer hubris involved in expecting everyone else in the world to wear these insoles, purely for your own benefit. Almost.   

       Incidentally, will there be a spray-on version for people who go barefoot, or should we just trample on some digestive biscuits each morning?
imaginality, Nov 12 2006


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