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Digital Pendulum Clock

A digital wall clock that measures time with a pendulum.
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I saw a battery-operated clock with a pendulum that swings back and forth once a second without ticking and thought, why not make a digital one that uses a magnetic sensor to count the time from the pendulum? It probably won't be as accurate as a quartz clock but would look weird in a cool way.
Amishman35, Nov 01 2005

Digital Pendulum Clock http://cgi.ebay.com...tem&item=4398530424
Don't know if it uses the pendulum for timekeeping or not. [Shz, Nov 01 2005]

Synchronization http://www.designne...etail&doc_id=129564
Similar, but using magnets to synch the pendulum. [Shz, Nov 01 2005]




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