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Geek Watch

calculating all the time
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Keep your brain on its toes and your mind in trim. This geeky watch features a large screen that instead of hours and minutes, displays a new math problem every minute such as the following:
“What is the cube root of 371,694,959?”
“If it takes Bill 20 hours to paint a house and it takes George 30 hours, how many minutes will it take if they work together yet independently?”

Running out of time? Push the uncle button for the answer. Also available as a fob watch to clip onto your pocket protector.

FarmerJohn, May 10 2004


       And the answer is the current time?
Ling, May 10 2004

       how much does a geek watch?
po, May 10 2004

       er....hits uncle button.
skinflaps, May 10 2004

       Reminds me...years ago I came across this procedure for putting the day of the week to any calendar date—a simple mental trick. I became enamored with it, and for months I begged people to name some personal date, like their wedding date, so I could say “It was a Wednesday!” and they would reply, “Oh my God, how did you know!” Only, they never said that, but I didn’t notice. It was a sickness, and people were whispering that I was becoming an autistic-savant-geek (so my wife claimed, encouraging me to get help). Eventually I was cured when a co-worker tricked me by giving me the current date, and I didn’t realize it. I just plunged into the mental calculation, in a few seconds triumphantly saying, “It was a Tuesday!” And that whole Tuesday crowd at the lunch table just stared at me. (And then the slow and horrible dawning.)
ldischler, May 10 2004

       [Ling] Yes, that's the idea.   

       [skinflaps] 7:19, 7:20
FarmerJohn, May 10 2004

       One problem is that if the math problem takes any time at all for you to work, then you will have calculated the wrong time.   

       "Well, it was apparently 7:19 when I began this math problem a while back. I guess I better try another problem find out how much time passed."
Enjoyer, May 10 2004

       [Enjoyer] If you take too long, the math problem will change, signalling a new time. Choose a lower level of difficulty, the uncle button or try the next problem.
FarmerJohn, May 10 2004

       I have a watch that runs backwards: that is enough to keep your brain on its toes as you try to figure out what the time is.
DrCurry, May 10 2004

       Right twice a day is about the best I'd go for.   

       By the way, as far as geek goes, your watch doesn't compare to the watch which doubles as a USB memory drive, used for a linux startup disk...
Detly, May 10 2004


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