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Time should auto-change when you fly
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You are going from one city to another city, your watch can be connected to a computer before you begin, you select the cities that you have to go to at certain hours.. and time will autochange.
artist, Jul 29 2003


       Or it uses GPS to auto-auto-change.
FarmerJohn, Jul 29 2003

       The U.S. atomic clock, and similar radio signals are already being broadcast and used by devices such as this http://www.valcoelectronics.com/oregon/rm323a.htm   

       A watch version does exist, but I could not find a link to it. You press a button and it searches for the nearest update location.   

       Broadcast frequency is typically in the 80 to 100kHz band (yes kilo-hertz) and bit-rate is a low 10 to 30bps. Microsoft is actually considering riding ads on this system that will allow things like fridge magnets that periodically show different products.
scarkner, Jul 29 2003


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