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Digital Watch Shirt

Shirt with a big LCD that shows the time.
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Also features a night-time light-up button, buttons to adjust time/date, alarm function, timer, tripometer, speedometer, thermometer, and all the other crap that could be shown on an LCD screen.

Includes a PC port where the shirt can be programmed to say things like "Don't talk to me".

More advanced versions would enable sound and video to be played through the shirt.

Imagine proposing to your significant other by suprising him/her as your shirt plays "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. as "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" flashes in big, romantic font on your chest.

mrkillboy, Jul 07 2000


       A sure way to make your significant other run screaming.
hippo, Jul 07 2000

       Uh, e-ink.com looks like just another Web design house to me...
egnor, Feb 01 2001

       [waugsqueke]'s gotta mean "E Ink" at "www.eink.com" (soprano pig grunt?)
jutta, Feb 02 2001

       Diesel used to make a coat a bit like this - it had a large Diesel label on the front that would light up if you touched it - a bit like the casio watch front
m_g_m_jones, Feb 02 2001


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