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etch a sketch tshirt

A t shirt you can link to your PC to change the picture
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Imagine a t-shirt with a panel on the front which was small magnetic elements like in an etch a sketch encapsulated in plastic. a small lead could be plugged into your PC and you could change the image on the t-shirt probably by changing the voltage. The picture would stay as a small chip in the t shirt with a battery could hold the charge in the format to hold the image.

I imagine you could weave wires through the front to form a grid for the charge. What do ya reckon?


andywoo, Oct 26 2001

TV Shirts like this? http://www.teletubbies.com/
Oh-oh! Time for tubby bye-bye! [cameron, Oct 26 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Electronic paper http://www.parc.xer...l/projects/gyricon/
Using two-sided beads. You can change the picture with a special pen - should be low-tech enough [herilane, Oct 26 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Another electronic paper http://www.eink.com/technology/index.htm
[herilane, Oct 26 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Sounds like it would be heavy and really uncomfortable, though perhaps the wires could act as some sort of protection from knife attack? Etch-a-Sketch Chainmail vest, perhaps?
mighty_cheese, Oct 26 2001

       You know, it wouldn't be too hard to do a shirt with one of those plastic sheets on a black background that, after you draw on, you lift off to clear it. You could customize your own shirt, even to the rectal t-shirt...
AfroAssault, Oct 26 2001

       An array of magnetic beads (black on one side, white on the other) would work. A slim magnetic stylus to flip them around (the other end is the eraser). Statefulness would be a problem though (maybe make the beads cubic so they don't flip around so much?).   

       You would always have a place to write down that phone number / recipe / address / license plate number.
phoenix, Oct 26 2001

       [PeterSealy] I don't EVEN want to comment on where the knobs would be...
mwburden, Oct 26 2001

       I'm with PeterSealy on this one, but for different reasons; I'd just like my Etch-a-Sketch T-Shirt old-fashioned and clunkily manual. I'm picturing twiddly dials on a big blocky chest-thing, like the whadjamaflip worn by Rocketman in the old B&W serials.
Guy Fox, Oct 26 2001

       Um, have seen a Tshirt with a velcro stripe on the front and some velcro letters to stick on it. (www.thegadgetshop.co.uk and click on "change to gadget girl and lookup t-shirt) They do one in mens colours to but only in female size 10 for some reason.   

       I can't remember how I found this...
CasaLoco, Oct 26 2001

       A big YES to AfroAssault's carbon-copy shirt. Let's see that idea in more detail, AA!
1percent, Oct 26 2001

       CasaLoco: My friend, Mags, has one of those velcro t-shirts, showing such messages as "non-smokers die too." I'd go for "porn star - prove it.", myself, in response to those oh-so-fashionable but increasingly-tired t-shirts.
Guy Fox, Oct 27 2001

       I've read a little about nanotubes, tiny carbon tubes that can be used for new ultra thin color displays. I don't know much about them, but they are under development already, just a bit expensive to produce. But, when the price goes down, I would like to see an entire shirt made with these. Then, going off of the original idea here, it might be fun to be able to project images on the shirt, but I was thinking more along the lines of rejuvinating the now useless screen savers. I've seen some pretty neat ones, like Geiss, that would make someone look like a walking LSD hallucination. Of course, if you got stuck going to a restaurant that requires a jacket, upload the old blazer to the shirt, and walk in looking sharp. Coworker wearing the same color? Change colors/patterns whenever you want. Plus, imagine how popular you would be when you hooked up the portable dvd player to your shirt, and your friends are watching Star Wars on your back.   

       "Hey come here and let me check my email/stock quotes on your shirt."   

       The possibilities are endless. This one gets a pos vote from me!
Mojo, Oct 27 2001

       Obviously non of you are housewives. How would you go about washing this item!!???
arora, Oct 27 2001

       Electronic paper is nearing commercial viability so why not make t-shirt shaped sheets of that? It would definitely not be heavy. (See links to E-Ink and Gyricon)
herilane, Oct 27 2001

       The colors on these cloths never fade, and you are never out of fashion.
pashute, Nov 12 2002


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