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Giant letters identify fronts

Make balloons and identify weather with them
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These hundred meter tall red and blue letter-shaped balloons would float at the front of major weather fronts identifying them as cold or warm fronts.

bonus: also make "rain", "snow", and other appropriate annotations in the sky.

Voice, Oct 21 2012

The_20Sky-Writing_20Weather_20Report [hippo, Oct 22 2012]



       (Well, kinda - the Brits did ones they called "barrage balloons", they were grey, and predicted grey weather, and they were moored in place because the weather didn't change, and their droopy tailfins gave them the same downmooded air as the halfmast ears of a wet cat.   

       But in the rest of the world, yes, sounds good to me.)
lurch, Oct 22 2012

       Why don't you just call them 'weather balloons'?
Alterother, Oct 22 2012

       [+] and ^.
FlyingToaster, Oct 22 2012

       Exactly how will this help me identify fonts?
normzone, Oct 22 2012

       This I like.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2012

       How do the balloons maintain their position, given that many weather fronts are associated with high velocity winds- often moving at an angle to the direction of progress of the front ?
8th of 7, Oct 22 2012

       [normzone], that's EXACTLY what I was wondering!
Canuck, Oct 22 2012

       I thought this was a military idea. Anyway, in my region the fronts are marked by the ice cream trucks that know in advance where the fighting will be, and wait for it to end, so that everyone can chill down with a cool drink.
pashute, Mar 03 2013


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