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Gentle digital clock

The digits do not jump; they glide.
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Instead of the digits on this clock "jumping" to the next number, they would slowly metamorphose to the next number. For instance, the seconds' digit would morph to a new digit each second. The ten-seconds digit would take 10 seconds to metamorphose. For instance, at 35 seconds into the minute the ten-seconds' digit would be halfway on its way to changing from a 3 to a 4. The other digits would follow this pattern.
juuitchan3, Mar 17 2002

A "digital" clock. Somewhat gentle. http://yugop.com/ver3/stuff/03/fla.html
Not what you describe, but cool nonetheless. (MM Flash required to view)   [bristolz, Mar 18 2002]

DaliClock for Java http://uts.cc.utexa...software/DaliClock/
Uglier than xdaliclock, but it gets the point across. [bookworm, Mar 18 2002]

I just *love* this clock http://entries.the5k.org/365/t.htm
[angel, Mar 19 2002]


       A good idea for decorative use, but not practical. What if you wake up in the middle of the night, want to know what time it is, and the clock displays an unidentifiable mix between two numbers where the hour numeral should be?
Pseudonym #3, Mar 18 2002

       Baked. It's called xdaliclock, and has been in most Linux distributions for quite some time.
bookworm, Mar 18 2002

       I too agree it's baked ( AfterDark et al) But good thinking since you probably never saw it yourself.
blainez, Mar 20 2002


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