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Dioramatical Sabbaticals

Sight seeing spectacular dioramas help relieve work stress!
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This is an idea for a series of very detailed dioramas that convey the landscape of various places on earth. They are also made with a little indenture for your nose, and straps to go around the back of your head, so you can strap this diorama to your face and fully absorb the tropical scene and forget where you are. The diorama fully covers your visual field.

Fully equipped with little speakers that send out the sounds from the region, and an advanced LCD lighting background that can mimic either a rising or setting sun. Advanced models come with little scent strips that somewhat smells like the ocean. Or a dirty European street in the summer. Mmm...

daseva, Jun 09 2009

Are we there yet?? http://journal.davi..._07_j_nudebeach.jpg
[daseva, Jun 09 2009]


       So, a 360-degree wrap around picture that encircles your head? Only six-year-olds can focus that close...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2009


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