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Eat my Face

A Photographic installation that serves as a sociological study
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The Photographer takes a series of photographs of faces. The photographs are printed onto large cakes (this is widely available and inexpensive), and placed on tables in a wide-open gallery space. The cakes are divided evenly into small square pieces, and plates and forks are placed to the side. Above each cake hangs a camera pointing directly down.

On opening night (really the only night for this installation) the people come in and are allowed to take any piece they like. As they choose, the camera records what is happening. Later, the tapes are reviewed and we learn things like "A person of type A is more likely to eat the eyeballs of a pretty girl than the nostril" or "everyone seems to want to stay away from the ugly guy's mouth" or "the public seems absolutely ravenous for any sort to ear they can get their pie-holes on"

Photofreak, Jul 12 2005

3D Michael Jackson Face Jigsaw 3D_20Michael_20Jackson_20Face_20Jigsaw
by me. Not an art project. [calum, Jul 13 2005, last modified Jul 14 2005]


       I think alot of your predicted results would arise. I would definitly grab a woman's face, first of all. Then I'd eat her skull. And leave everything but the eyes. Then I'd look into the eyes for a minute, and eat them.
daseva, Jul 12 2005

       I would find a beautiful lady and kiss her. Then I would slip my tongue in between her lips and scoop out some icing. Nibble her lower lip suggestively and perhaps bite it off. Lick her face until it smeared everywhere. Then suck out the insides.
wagster, Jul 12 2005

       [wagster] For the record, you took it there, not me...
Photofreak, Jul 12 2005

       "Once considering it to be a form of cannibalism, segments of Chinese culture used to be offended by kissing. Even today this attitude still persists in some parts of the world. In May 1974, for example, the Kuwaiti criminal court, pursuing a case in which a girl and a boy under the age of 18 were accused of indecency for kissing in public, declared that it was a criminal offense to kiss in public."   

       I'm afraid the chinese would have a hard time with this study.
daseva, Jul 12 2005

       men are weird.
po, Jul 12 2005

       You're on safe ground there, [po]. Brilliant idea, by the way, [Photofreak]. Not sure if you'd actually find anything useful out, but loony arts projects always get my vote.
moomintroll, Jul 12 2005

       //men are weird// - they are, but then so are women.
wagster, Jul 12 2005

       This is a very cool idea. I'd definitely stay away from the nose. I'd probably go for the neck.   

       [wags], my dear, you just gave me a good laugh with your twisted anno. *wipes a laugh-tear from cheek*
Machiavelli, Jul 12 2005

       I can't in good conscience affirm that I'd enjoy exposing audiences to partial people.
reensure, Jul 12 2005

       Does anyone know if those candy wax lips are available on the Chinese candy market?   

       This is, after all, nothing like kissing...
Photofreak, Jul 12 2005

       I'd go for a neutral bit of the background scenery.
pooduck, Jul 13 2005

       /candy wax lips/   

       Sounds delicious.
Texticle, Jul 13 2005

       Geez, Wagster! That's not what they mean by "Having your cake and eating it, too."   

       Barking funny, though.
baconbrain, Jul 13 2005

       \\I'd go for a neutral bit of the background scenery\\
So now we know how a duck would respond to this experiment.

       Creepy. Very very creepy. [+].
hidden truths, Jul 14 2005

       If I were to participate in this "installation" I don't know that I'd reveal anything more profound than just taking the next available piece of the cake. Of course I suppose there could be much written about whether I chose to go clockwise or counter-clockwise with my selection.
<wonders to elf: if I eat the piece of cake with the zit on it, will it give me a zit?>

       Then again, I don't think I'd really care for half-baked cake...
Canuck, Jul 14 2005

       This would make a great part in a horror film, just before everyone at the party turns into real face- eating zombies.
benfrost, Jul 15 2005

       Naturally you would need to have cameras in the toilets for the psychos and bolemics that eat nostrils then hate themselves for doing so and throw up. Do we really need this infomation? could it be for pie manufacturers that are planning body part shaped pies. They could be dual use couldnt they?.. man walks to work, eats own leg at brunch, nips out and hops home at lunch time etc Could change the nature of road rage, instead of giving them the finger you could give them a pie.... Could have a pie that looks like a wallet so that when your getting mugged you just eat your "wallet" instead of handing it over. (Could have a wallet that looks like a mouldy pie and nobody would steal it.) In a rough bar to show how tough you are you could tear off and eat your own ear. At communion when presented with the "body of Christ" you could choose which part of the body.
Prolixed, Jul 15 2005


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