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Directional Dog Bark Amplifier

Aim high-decibel barks back at the neighboring dog owner.
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After spending all night listening to my neighbors dog barking I thought of a new anti-dog-bark device. I've seen ultrasonic speakers triggered by dog barks designed to train the offending beast not to bark. But, why should I pay to train my neighbor's dog, when I really want to train my neighbor. What I want is a high-decible, window rattling speaker with a narrowly focused cone of sound. The microphone is place close to the fence where his dog is barking. All the device does is amplify the sound of the dog bark and send it back into the neighbor's bedroom window. I'm sure his dog would become much quieter in short order.
riromero, Sep 23 2003


       You’re justified in wanting to take it out on the owner. But once he gets annoyed enough, who gets all the grief? The dog.
When a dog is barking constantly, it’s announcing to the world “I’m being abused and neglected! I have the shi**iest master!” (Dogs actually do use the ** asterisks).
Keeping that owner awake all night is fine. But it’s best to get the animal to a loving home.
Amos Kito, Sep 23 2003

       + I need one of these in my house for when my housemate "forgets" to come home some nights leaving her dogs unwalked and unfed... Meow.
lubbit, Sep 23 2003

       I posted and idea like this once except mine included noise cancelation.
phoenix, Sep 23 2003

       more fool you for deleting so many of your excellent ideas, then!
yamahito, Sep 23 2003

       I expected this to be an idea to project a dog’s bark forward. It would be similar to one of those cone-shaped collars designed to keep a dog from chewing at itself, but instead would be designed like a loudspeaker horn. This would make the barker sound more fearsome to the barkee.
Laughs Last, Sep 23 2003

       "His barkee is worse off than his bitee"
FarmerJohn, Sep 23 2003

       I suggest generalizing the concept. Keep the directional microphone and speakers. But record the offending noise(s) and select *when* to play back. Simultaneous (but avoiding feedback). 5 seconds, 10, 1 minute, 10, 20, 30, 1 hour, 1 day, .... and / or arbitrary / preset time - say, like, when you're not home and the human offenders are? Preferably adjusted so the human offenders get to listen to it at the same volume as you do? What's good for the goose is good for the gander?
nekote, Jan 03 2004


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