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Canine Anti-Inside-Out-Ear Syndrome Collar

Prevent the flop
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Sure, kids find it cute, but If I were a beagle, it would drive me crazy to have my ears flop backwards and fold inside-out every time I cocked my head sideways or ran. I just think it would feel like a continual bad haircut, you know, when the barber gets your part wrong. And nevermind the embarrassment of flashing your earwax in front of the cute poodle at the Johnson place.

The anti-inside-out ear collar has two little antennae that stick up behind Fido's ears but don't touch them normally, until they start to fold the wrong way.

If the flutter of a butterfly in South America causes a storm in Bermuda, then how big of a weather catastrophe is the fault of combination of the flop factor and the overpopulation of pets?

RayfordSteele, Dec 27 2002


       They must like it....or why else would they stick their heads out of the windows of trucks going 60 mph down the highway?
Marassa, Dec 27 2002

       My german sheppard (named Crisis) had ears that would get inside out when she ran through the bushes too much. It bugged us both to no end. Since she's not fond of people touching her ears, it was complex for me to fix them (had to hold the head between my legs while the rest of the dog thrashed about)   

       She is not with the living anymore, (damn all cars, too hell) but, this might have made her life a litte better.
futurebird, Dec 27 2002

       Dogfish, though - they get swimmer's ear
thumbwax, Dec 28 2002


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