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Directional vuvuzella

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I thought there was a category just for vuvuzella ideas. Was there not a whole slew of them a year back or so? In any case...

The vuvuzella is an integral part of international sport. While for many a blaring vuvuzella simply expresses enthusiasm, some might wish to use the vuvuzella in a partisan manner - for example by targeting atheletes attempting feats of skill, or individuals of note in the opposing stands. The problem with this use is that the vuvuzella is not very directional, and its message of loud is wantonly delivered to all in range.

BUNGCO is here with the Directional vuvuzella. Instead of a medieval sackbut-style bell, this tool of sport has a parabolic dish affixed to its front. The message is focused at a particular point at some distance. Various sized dishes can be affixed to alter range. All of these discs fold sunflower-style, and along with the vuvuzella can be unobtrusively transported within a trouser leg. Because the dish is large, it would occlude the view and so the aim of the owner. Therefore the dish is clear plexiglass, printed with a small crosshairs to facilitate aim.

bungston, Dec 11 2013


       No need for directions - pointed end first.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 11 2013

       //the vuvuzella can be unobtrusively transported within a trouser leg.   

       Am I the only person to see a slight problem there?
not_morrison_rm, Dec 14 2013


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