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Drive-in to the World-Cup

Drive-in theatre
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The whole world cup business is hectic. All the pubs, bars etc are packed, and everyone's really up in my personal breathing space...Agreeeably this is part of the world-cup culture....crowded places full of beer, men and noise, but sometimes there are those nights where you just wanna watch a low-profile game with you're girlfriend/wife without being violated by a plethora of hooligans.

This gap of course inspired the drive-in world-cup theatre. A car-park with hundreds of spaces facing a 30m+20m (or so) projected wide-screen. Much like the old-school drive-ins. Traditionally, this type of theatre attracted couples so this would be perfect really. Drinks and food would be served by waiters on skaters, and audio-commentary would be available by radio.

If I had just thought of this about 6-months ago....

shinobi, Jun 11 2006


       //audio-commentary would be available by radio//. I watched (on TV) most of the first match without any commentry at all - just the sound of the crowd and the players - there was no commentry soundtrack at all. It was unusual, to say the least. Finally I switched channels and spent the rest of the match listening to commentry in Thai.   

       Don't ask me why.
Ling, Jun 12 2006

       //you just wanna watch a low-profile game with you're girlfriend/wife without being violated by a plethora of hooligans//   

       Really....<pauses in mindbogglement>.   

       My fella would faaaaaaar rather watch a game of any level of profile with a plethora of dunken, belching hooligans (known as friends) than with me.
squeak, Jun 12 2006

       [ling], why?
zeno, Jun 12 2006

       Why I don't want you to ask me, or:
Why I listened in Thai? (expecting the answer: 'Yes').
Ling, Jun 13 2006

       Why you switched channels?
zeno, Jun 13 2006

       The grass was greener on the other side.
Ling, Jun 13 2006


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