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Disease Collection

Collect viruses/diseases/etc, and wait until they become rare. Then sell.
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Obtain fairly pure samples of disease - from the common cold, to anthrax. As with any other collection, eg. books, stamps, value will increase with time, rarity and collectors items.

For example - the common cold mutates every year; so, someone about now could collect a neat sum on selling a vial of their prized "1924 common cold."

Furthermore - if at some point in the future, science manages to eradicate, say, a particular disease, and a quirk in evolution causes us to become very vulnerable to this no-longer-existing disease; then maybe Hussein's great-grandson would pay a large amount of money for your little glass tube of 1998 Influenza.

Much like wine collecting, really.

Detly, Sep 13 2000

Center for Disease Control Trading Cards http://www.cdc.gov/...s4kids/tradecrd.htm
This is legit people! [dgeiser13, Sep 13 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Dispersion http://www.eiu.org/...riments/dispersion/
"Your easy one stop choice for personal lethal biological pathogens" [wrenchndmachine, Sep 13 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Baked. If you search the web for 'Biological Warfare'., I think you'll find that your government already do this.
DrBob, Sep 15 2000

       No, but I mean, for the commonners. Like, governments have archives and libraries, but people still collect books.
Detly, Sep 16 2000

       How would collecters make sure of the authenticity of the specimen?
centauri, Jan 15 2001

       test them? oo er...
squigbobble, Feb 14 2004

       <Much like wine collecting, really>   

       I'm trying to picture a girl coming to my house because I told her I have a great '92 Flu I think she'd enjoy....
normzone, Feb 14 2004

       [normzone] I'd take a '92 flu over an '18 one anyday!
squigbobble, Apr 30 2005


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