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Michael Jackson Matryoshka

Rushin' Devolution
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Brightly painted wooden, er, plastic, er, wooden Michael Jackson figurines made in a such way that they can be taken apart to reveal smaller Michael Jackson dolls fitting inside one another.

Sized in relation to his age, as it were, each doll is representative of Michael Jackson's appearance as he has degenerated through sometimes gradual, sometimes shocking changes of physical appearance.

thumbwax, Dec 14 2003

Inspiration http://www.halfbake...son_20Russian_20Egg
Michael Jackson Russian Egg - close, but no Czar [thumbwax, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Russian eggs are um, egg shaped, and some have eggs nested within, as in the context of the Inspirational idea. Not to be confused with Faberge eggs. Matryoshkas simply have more of a resemblance to the human form - not egg-shaped.
thumbwax, Dec 14 2003

       how would his big nose fit inside his little nose if the little nose was on an outer layer and the younger big nose must be concealed within Flawed. Maybe it should be reversed. HMMMM
sleeper, Dec 15 2003

       i'm almost sure i've seen unpainted Nesting dolls in a craft store, if you can paint, you could actualy "bake" this yourself.
-wess, Dec 17 2003

       I'll take eight of them.
rodti, Jun 30 2014


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