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Dishposable - a disposable dish washer

Dispose disposable dishes and get clean ones instead
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The false claim that washing a spoon is less polluting than manufacturing a disposable spoon then packaging it and sending it overseas and in trains and trucks to the supermarket where it is then bought and brought home, leans importantly on the fact that the disposable spoon is disposed of. The fact that water is removed from vast areas of land, then oil is pumped to manufacture electricity to pull the water to your city pipes which are then filled with soap suds and pills and biohazardous meal-remains, which are all spilled back into the sewage system and mostly wind up back in the lakes, rivers and seas, all this is hidden from the layman spoon user, reading the greenwash propaganda.

Not anymore! DDDV De Disposable Dish Vasher to de rescue!! With the new Disposable Dish Washer, you don't waste water, but you also don't dispose of the disposable dishes. Instead, they are crushed into a very small "pebble" and reused once every 20 years when the service guys come around to collect them. They are then sent on trucks, trains, and ships, back to the original factory in the original Chinese city where it was originally manufactured (if the Chinese city is deserted due to some engineering disaster, a different South-East Asian city and factory can be chosen).

When the disposable dish-washer parts start cracking from dryness or rust, or just get these disgusting green spots on them, simply dispose of it. That's what it's for, no?

pashute, Apr 24 2018


       Sorry - I'm not clear about which parts of this are sarcastic.
pertinax, Apr 24 2018

       I would of thought that pretty much everything were disposable
pocmloc, Apr 26 2018

       Some kind of Sean Connery pronunciation pishtake?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 26 2018


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