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Disolvable Plantsitter Pellets

Forget your plants while away on vacation
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Imagine a pellet about the size of a 2 liter soda cap. More precisely, the pellet is shaped so that it can easily be screwed into a common household pop bottle.

Now, anytime you need to leave home on a business trip or a 2 week vacation, you fill a soda pop bottle or two with the precise amount of water you'd use during one plant watering and seal off the bottle by screwing in a one of these disolvable pellets. You flip the bottle upside down and situate it (prop it) so that the neck is pointed at your houseplant's soil -- perhaps an accessory might be useful for securing the pop bottle in place -- and the time-specific tablet begins disolving. Some tablets disolve in a day, some 2, some a week, whatever... Also, some tablets are made of plant food.

The great thing is that the pellets are small and store easily. In my opinion, having a few small pellets would be better than having to own one more gadget -- some device that periodically waters plants.

mlanza, Jan 06 2004


       There are plenty of drip-feed and other automated plant watering systems for absentee watering on the market. We linked to some of them before for an idea by bristolz.   

       Btw, your pellet *is* just another gadget, especially once you add a soda bottle.
DrCurry, Jan 06 2004

       The pellet disolves. Initially the waterflow would be slow and then gradually become faster until the bottle empties.
mlanza, Jan 06 2004

       Yes, the pellet is a gadget and so is the pop bottle; however, both are disposable and won't become dust collectors.
mlanza, Jan 06 2004

       Take a nice big jug (like what apple juice comes in, not a boob, you pervs) fill it with water. Get some nice thin siphons. Insert ends in jug and plant's soil, respectively. You'll have a nice not-dead plant. Isn't that nice? It's what my Mom does, and her's ain't died yet. Of course, she could be just switching plants out to fool me...
Eugene, Jan 07 2004


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